Apple’s Onions Advertisement Aims to Get You to Upgrade your iPhone

Apple Inc.’s new 1-minute advertisement for the iPhone 6S, touts the phone’s 4K video as being so amazing that a girl’s movie clip of her mom slicing a red onion sees her become an award-winning filmmaker.

The spot opens with the girl, iPhone in hand, filming her mother getting dinner ready — next thing you know, the innocuous act of slicing onions goes viral after her brother shows it to some friends.

Neil Patrick Harris even makes an appearance.

Considering that Apple just saw its first drop in sales in 13 years, this TWBA/Media Arts Lab produced ad aimed at getting amateur filmmakers, and anyone else, to upgrade will be an ongoing trope for Apple for the foreseeable future.

In fact, getting users to upgrade from their current model to a newer one is a problem all smartphone makers will continue to face until one of them comes out with game breaking technology which, arguably, hasn’t come out of any of their shops for a long long while.


Apple also released another spot called “Fingerprint.” The 30-second ad, that explains the wide array of actions that can be performed via the Touch ID on the iPhone 6s, will feel more familiar with Apple’s previous snappy ads.

Will it make you give up that 1-year “old” iPhone you’re rocking now?

Don’t know about you, but I’m going to stick with mine for a while –at least until there’s something irresistibly fabulous. An unlikely prospect anytime soon.