Apple’s Creepy New Ad Takes Aim at Privacy Being Auctioned Off to the Highest Bidder

Apple is proud of its privacy credentials and to its credit, they are pretty serious about living up to its promise – which is little loved by the major platforms who make their living off of data gathering and ad targetting.

As part of a new campaign pitching privacy, Apple has released a creepy new film starring a girl named Ellie, who happens upon an auction where all of her data is being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The bids being placed by the fiendish-looking fetchers include her iPhone’s emails, purchase history, location data, contacts, and browsing history.


Once Ellie figures out what’s going on, after an appearance on stage by her own grandmother, she makes use of App Tracking Transparency and Mail Privacy Protection, at which point the auctioneer and bidders suddenly begin to vanish with an explosive “poof!” into thin air.

Speaking before the International Association of Privacy Professionals earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “A world without privacy is less imaginative, less empathetic, less innovative, less human” and noted that Apple has “a commitment to protecting people from a data-industrial complex built on a foundation of surveillance.”