Apple’s iPhone 7 AirPods Brilliantly Mocked by Durex Condoms China

People across the net have been making fun of Apple’s new wireless headphones since the release of the iPhone 7 –particularly how easily they could come off and be lost.

Now, Durex China, maker of condoms in the world’s most populous country, has gotten in on the fun with a promotion of its AiR brand condom.

With the caption reading “Do not run away”, the ad combines the graphic with clever Chinese wordplay saying that AirPods (or sperm) can be kept secure within AiR, Durex’s thinnest condom in their line.


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Already it’s a hit across. On the official Durex Weibo site the ad has gotten more than 21,000 shares and more than 6,000 comments.


The caption reads “Do not run away”.

Durex has never shied away from envelop-pushing ads in any country. Earlier this year in China they livestreamed 50 Chinese couples in bed for 3 hours.


And, their strategy of being cheeky in China has worked well for them: The Economist reported that Durex has ballooned (sorry, had to) its market share in China from 30 percent to 45 percent in just four years.


Durex Japan Ads for ‘Real Love’ Brand – A Kama Sutra Smackdown [SFW]


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