Apple Watch Touts How it Can Take a Serious Beating in New Ad

Apple has launched a new ad for the Apple Watch which is basically saying you can beat the s*** out of it and carry on as you were.

It hearkens back to the classic Timex ads of old where the watch “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. Apple Watch is demonstrating that it can take a licking, and keep on… well there must be some kind of ticking app out there you can install for the effect.

The minute-and-a-half spot is directed by Australian director Craig Gillespie and anchored musically by “Power of My Love” by Jack White.


Over the course of the ad we see someone diving hard into a pool, a chef working a flaming pan, someone falling into the mud, an ice skater taking a hard spill onto the ice, and more – all wrapped up with the tagline “The most durable Apple Watch ever”