Apple Taps Jamie Foxx for New Siri Ads – Check ’em Out

Apple has signed up a slew of celebrities to promote the new iPhone 6s. This week Apple brings us Jamie Foxx to show off Siri’s new capabilities.

Yes, they are for the American market, and we are an Asia-focused mag, but sorry, we think Django was one of the the greatest movies ever and we love Foxx.

Apple has him in two short spots for hands-free Siri, a new function for the digital assistant that came out with the 6s.


First we see Foxx turning to Siri for a little emotional support, to which he replies with playful flirtation.

In the second ad, Siri flips a coin as Foxx tries to decide what his next acting gig will be.

And in the final, a voiceover tells us of the iPhone’s improved camera.


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