Check out Apple’s Ad for MacBook Pro Touch Bar featuring ‘Run’ by Tiggs da Author

It’s been an 18-month wait, but Apple has finally launched a new version of its MacBook Pro. One of the most talked about new features, sitting atop the traditional keyboard, is the Touch Bar, a OLED touchscreen capable of doing all sorts of cool things depending on what program you have opened at the time.

Here is the first advertisement from Apple for the new Macbook Pro, featuring the song “Run” by Tiggs da Author. The spot is called “QWERTY”.


In a similar vein, thumbing its way through the past, here is the Macbook Pro reveal video which strolls down the memory lane of Mac laptops. The featured song on this one is ‘The Little Things’ by The Big Gigantics.

And, just to be thorough, and it is Friday after all, here is the full version of ‘Run’, by Tiggs da Author


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