A Fun Apple Parody Ad from South Korea’s Orion Snack Company

South Korea’s Orion company is a longstanding snack brand that produces a wide variety of edibles from chips to cookies to gum. Headquartered in Seoul the company was founded in 1956 and is most famous for it’s “Choco Pie”, which first hit the market way back in 1974.

The company has this week launched an ad campaign for their “New Pop” chips and they do a nice job poking fun at the Apple ad concept.

While parodies of the Apple team speaking passionately about Apple products against a white backdrop have been done and redone, this ad pulls it off quite well.


The parody remains true to the original to such an extent that the entire script -aimed at a Korean speaking market- is actually in English with Korean subtitles.

There is the exception of a bit of spoken Korean at the end –by an expat. This will no doubt play well with Korean audiences who are tuning in more and more to popular TV shows featuring non-Koreans speaking Korean.

You can check out more from Orion on their Korean language blog: blog.orionworld.com

*Editors note: The character of Jony Ive, in this case “Matthew Carter”, is actually Steve Miller, a popular expat figure in South Korea. You can check him out on his Asia News Weekly podcast.

Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

Bobby is the founder and publisher of Branding in Asia.

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