Apple Launches ‘Saving Simon’ Holiday Ad for 2021 Shot on an iPhone by Ivan and Jason Reitman

Apple has launched its 2021 holiday ad shot entirely on the iPhone 13 Pro by Hollywood icon Ivan Reitman and his son Jason Reitman.

Set to the tune of “You and I” by Valerie June, the 3-minute film, titled “Saving Simon”, done by long-time agency partner TBWA\Media Arts Lab, features a young girl panicking when she realizes that rising temperatures—and her less than loving brother might be the end of her lovely little snowman.

To try to save it, she puts its head and torso in her freezer, where she hopes it will pull through until the next freeze. That time eventually comes, and the snowman is placed back in the front yard once again, but it is quickly destroyed by a kid who rides over it with his bike.


Fear not, it’s a holiday ad, so a happy and touching ending will ensue.



“The idea that you can just pick up your phone and start filmmaking is one that thrills me,” said Jason Reitman in the ad’s behind-the-scenes video, adding, “This is the greatest moment of all time to want to be a filmmaker. If you want to write stories, you pick up a pencil. If you want to write songs, you pick up a guitar. And if you want to make movies now you can just pick up an iPhone.

“This storytelling device is just sitting there in your pocket. It gives us a chance to tell stories no matter where you grow up and allows everyone to see stories from other cultures which brings us all closer.”

Apple will additionally release a one-minute version for broadcast and online TV along with :15 and :6 feature-specific shorts runing on digital and social alongside a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Saving Simon” to feature on YouTube.

Here is the behind-the-scenes look at making the film


Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Directors: Jason Reitman and Ivan Reitman

DP: James Whitaker

Production Company: Bob Industries

Music: Valerie June “You and I”

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