Apple Launches Ad Film Celebrating Star Wars Day With Lucasfilm


Apple and Lucasfilms have partnered on a new Star Wars-themed ad for “Star Wars Day,” which was on May the 4th featuring a Mandalorian. Well, many Mandalorians attending a cosplay show which makes it hard for your friends to find you.

Thus, the ad is pitching the iPhone 15’s “Precision Finding for Find My Friends” feature.

The three-minute ad directed by Kim Gehrig is full of Star Wars Easter Eggs for fans. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm said that 172 fans became involved with the production, adding that it is the largest number of fans they’ve ever had in a project sanctioned by the company.


Star Wars Day happens every year on May the 4th – a pun reportedly playing on the famous Star Wars line “May the Force be with you.”







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