Apple iPhone 6s is most Expensive in India, China and South Korea

If you’re going to buy the new Apple iPhone 6s while you’re in Asia and want to save a few bucks, avoid China and especially India and head for Hong Kong, Malaysia or Japan.

According to research from Mobile World Live, the latest Apple iPhone prices vary across widely Asia with India far and away the most costly.

How much more? An iPhone 6s (16GB) model will run you $948 –that’s $227 more than in Hong Kong and $300 more than the going rate for the same model in the US market.


The difference in price on the 6s Plus (128GB) in India is even higher — coming in at $458 more than the US and $364 more than in Hong Kong.

The entry-level 6s in China ($830) is $109 more than in Hong Kong, while the top-end 6s Plus at $1,223 is almost $200 more. And, in the land of Samsung, South Koreans pay the third highest prices in Asia, with a new iPhone ranging from $784 to $1,141 at the top end.

Here is a breakdown by country. (Currencies all converted based on theUS dollar)

Following the September 25 release in the Americas, China, Australia and much of Europe, the two new iPhone models will be available in India, Russia, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and several other countries on October 15.


South Korea and Ukraine will follow, last on the list, getting the new model October 23.

Mobile World Live did not specifically point to reasons for the higher prices, but with Apple’s pricing generally being uniform, the difference in costs is likely due to tax and tariff rates in each locale.


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