Apple iOS 9 Upgrade – Japan and South Korea Lead the Pack Worldwide

As the world wraps its head around whether it’s ready to upgrade to Apple’s recently released iOS 9, more Japanese and South Koreans are diving right in than anywhere else in the world.

In the first 48 hours Japan upgraded to iOS 9 faster than any other nation with 9.52 percent having already started using it, followed by South at 9.29 percent.

By comparison, seven percent of devices in China, Italy and the UK have been updated, followed by the Canada, Germany and the US at around six percent.


History says that the discrepancy in the speed of iOS adoption will level out in the coming days. In 2014 Apple’s iOS 8 release garnered a 46 percent overall update rate within four days of its release, while it’s older brother iOS 7 was installed by 52 percent of US users over the course of seven days following the release.

According to numbers released September 14th, 11% of iPhone users are still hanging in there with iOS7 (bless their hearts).

There was no data on use of cups and strings or smoke producing devices available at the time of this writing.

Overall adoption

Analytics firm Mixpanel said on Thursday that the adoption rate iOS 9 adoption had reached 12 percent within 24 hours of the release on Wednesday and 19% after 48 hours.


With a more compact 1.3gb of space needed, adoption of iOS 9 expected to be much less slower than previous updates –including the iOS7 which weighed a ton by comparison at 5GB.

Oh, in case you’re curious, Android Lollipop didn’t reach the 19% upgrade rate until a year after release, according to Zdnet.

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