Creating an Entirely New Line of Aphrodisiac Products to Fight for Endangered Species? Sure, why not?

Illegal wildlife trafficking has reached an estimated market value of $19 billion USD. A lot of that can be attributed to the demand for supposed aphrodisiacs that has led to the poaching of endangered animals and plants, many of which risk extinction.

One of the biggest consumers of sex enhancing goods is China. In an effort to stop products from within its own borders making their way to China or Hong Kong, the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development turned to Geometry Global Colombia.

They, in turn, created an entire product line made from an alternative aphrodisiac –the South American fruit known as Chontaduro.


Will this work? Will near mythologically-based traditional aphrodisiacs such as rhino horn and others that thave been used for centuries be replaced by a newly-created line of renewable sex enhancement products?

Who knows?  But at least it’s worth a try.

Credits –
Geometry Global
David Paysant Geometry Global Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer
Xavier Serrano, Geometry Global Colombia Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Comar, Geometry Global Asia Pacific Regional Executive Creative Director
Juan Jose Posada, Geometry Global UK Chief Creative Officer
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Alex Del Río, Geometry Global Colombia Independent Creative
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Sonido Azulado – David Cárdenas, Audio Director



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