APAC Leads Other Regions in Share of Gaming App Organic Installs

APAC is leading all regions with share of gaming app organic installs at 48% and longest session lengths at 35 minutes says new report.

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Adjust has released The Gaming App Insights Report, a resource for studios, developers, and mobile marketers, pairing global mobile gaming app data with expert insights from AppLovin and its in-house creative agency SparkLabs.

The report cited “notable growth” in gaming app installs and in-app revenue in 2023 that continued into 2024 revealing a resurgence across many sub-verticals and providing a window into a new framework – from leveraging AI to embracing CTV – to reach success and scale.

“The perception that mobile gaming is stagnating due, in part, to a crowded market overlooks one positive by-product of this competition: growth,” said Daniel Tchernahovsky, VP of Global Business Development, AppLovin.


“We meet daily with partners who are launching new products successfully and at a rapid pace. In fact, Monopoly Go became a top-grossing game in 2023 – the same year it was released.”

According to the report, the route to scalable mobile gaming growth has shifted and requires embracing changes in audience expectations, technological developments, and measurement complexity.

Highlights from the report

The mobile games industry continues to surge

With gaming app installs increasing by 7% YoY in Q4 2023, and sessions are up 3% in January 2024 compared to the same period last year. In fact, many gaming subverticals saw strong growth in 2023 (Racing by 61%, Simulation by 53%, and Arcade by 38%).


APAC had the highest shares of organic gaming app installs

At 48%. Countries such as Singapore (at 38%), Indonesia and Japan (both at 35%), and the Philippines (at 33%) were noted as the large contributors to the region in terms of organic gaming app installs.

APAC had the longest gaming app session lengths

Compared to other regions with 35 minutes per session. Indonesia had the longest sessions as an individual country at 48 minutes, followed by the Philippines at 46 minutes, and Singapore at 35 minutes.

South Korea came in with the highest median ad revenue per mille

For mobile games at $5.26, followed by Japan at $4.77, and Singapore at $3.68 contributing to APAC’s at over $2.00. Additionally, gaming in-app revenue globally is climbing, experiencing a notable 6% YoY increase in 2023, and December rising the highest at 17% above the annual average and 21% YoY.

“By investing in the right tools, prioritizing next-gen tech, AI, and personalization, game developers and studios can expand onto new channels and platforms, recover installation and session rates, and attract users who engage and make purchases,” said April Tayson, Regional Vice President for INSEAU at Adjust.

“Through these strategic investments in cutting-edge technology and understanding shifting audience expectations, developers and marketers can ultimately scale their success in this thriving market.”

For additional findings, you can download the report here.

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