AOI Pro. and Tastemade Japan Form Capital and Business Alliance

Takuya Natsume, Hajime Ushioda, and Tsutomu Osada

Film production company, AOI Pro., and Tastemade Japan, which operates the global lifestyle video media brand Tastemade in Japan, have entered into an agreement to expand their content production capabilities and strengthen their media sales.

AOI Pro. will leverage the capital and business alliance to drive growth in various areas. By combining Tastemade Japan’s expertise in programming for one of the largest social media audiences in Japan with AOI Pro.’s film production know-how, the company said it aims to achieve objectives including production of a wider range of content for digital platforms, regional development through digital marketing, and the creation of strategic added value through collaboration among shareholders.

“Since Mitsui & Co. started an investment and strategic business alliance with Tastemade Japan in 2020, we have been making various efforts such as strengthening sales and marketing by utilizing Mitsui’s network and developing new businesses,” said Takuya Natsume, Chief Executive Officer of Tastemade Japan.


“As a result, we see the opportunity to further improve our film production capabilities and seek a strategic partner in this field. We are committed to improving our film production capabilities and the creative quality of our clients’ projects through our capital and business alliance.”

Hajime Ushioda, Representative Director & President of AOI Pro, added: “Our 60-year history has allowed us to build a large creative network and acquire exceptional production and product management skills, which we believe can enhance our clients’ brand equity. We are excited about this opportunity as it marks the beginning of our transformation from a ‘film production company’ to a ‘film business company.'”

“As a leading programmer in lifestyle categories, Tastemade is honored and excited to partner with AOI Pro,” said Steven Kydd, Co-Founder & President, Tastemade, Inc.

“We believe that this provides a great opportunity to accelerate and invigorate Tastemade Japan’s business with new and exciting content, authentic storytelling, and valuable relationships within the media industry.”


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