ANZ Launches Funny New Ad Poking Fun at Exaggerated, Over-The-Top Storylines

ANZ has launched a comical ‘Simpler Home Loans’ campaign, pitching their new package-free offering, that pokes fun at common tropes seen in overblown fashion-style ads with exaggerated storylines and over-the-top techniques often seen on screen.

“A man stares down a stag and then floats in the air in his bedroom…,” said Tom Martin, CCO & partner at Special.

“Advertising itself has a way of sometimes getting a bit too convoluted and complex for its own good, so railing against that seemed like the perfect way to highlight that ANZ home loans have now taken a much more simplified approach with their offering.”


Good stuff.

“ANZ is the first major bank to move away from bundled home loan packages, which customers can find hard to understand and value. Customers no longer need to take out a home loan package and pay an annual package fee to access interest rate discounts,” said Luana Hughes, head of home loans marketing at ANZ.



Client: ANZ

CMO: Sweta Mehra

Head of Brand Strategy & Marketing: Kjetil Undhjem

Head of Home Loans Marketing: Luana Hughes

Campaign Lead: Dean Lisina

Project Marketing Lead: Gary Burch

Marketing Journey Expert (Digital): Ayesha Mullan

Marketing Journey Expert: Felicity Reddy

Marketing Journey Expert: Annie Vu

Content Expert: Hannah Sutton

Marketing Chapter Lead: Ivana Pappalardo

Marketing Journey Expert: Jess Boehm

Creative Agency: Special Group Australia

CEO & Partners: Lindsey Evans & Cade Heyde

CCO & Partners: Julian Schreiber & Tom Martin

Strategy Partner: Rebecca Stambanis

Strategist: Jack Gilbert

Creative Directors: Nils Eberhardt, Simon Gibson, Matt McCarron

Creatives: Shaun McFarlane, Janice Ko

Designer Director: Keir Vaughan,

Designer: Maggie Webster

Finished Artist: Jen Bailey

General Manager: Paige Prettyman

Business Director: Emma Salmon

Business Manager: Ben Deville

Head of Production/ EP: Sevda Cemo

Senior Producer: Alyce Guy

Stills Producer: Glen Mcleod

Digital Producer: Shiv Prabhavalkar

Production Company: FINCH Company

Director: The Bobbsey Twins

Managing Director: Corey Esse

Executive Producer: Loren Bradley

Producer: Alexandra Taussig

Director of Photography: Jeremy Rouse

Post Production House: The Editors

Offline Editor: Jack Hutchings

Colorist: Matt Fezz

Online Editor: Stuart Cadzow

Sound House: Rumble Studios

Music & Sound EP: Michael Gie

Composer: Jeremy Richmond

Sound Designer: Cameron Milne

Photographer: Andreas Smetana

Production Company: Flint

Retouching: Cream Studios

Media agency: PHD

Group Business Director: Jordan Smith

Business Director: Lizzy O’Connor

Planning Directors: Natalie O’Hanlon, Georgina Debenham

Strategy Director: Brendan Dodd

Investment Director: Kaitlin Despott

Digital Manager: Anastassia Choutova

Activations Manager: Jason Cheung

Investment Manager: Kim Stockdale

Account Executives: Brandon Rice, Isabelle Barton

PR agency: Thrive PR

Managing Director: Leilani Abels

APAC General Manager: Kelly Stambanis

Group Account Directors: Elisabeth Corcoran and Victoria Fruean


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