AnyMind Group Shares Game Plan for 2019

Partnerships, strategic alliances, new products, technical talent acquisition, and go to market deployment will populate the 2019 agenda for AnyMind Group.

According to Kosuke Sogo, CEO of AnyMind Group, the holding group plans to invest its recently raised $13.4 million in strategic investments towards increasing the engineering headcount four-fold. He added that the group is looking at solidifying market share in Asia across advertising tech, influencer marketing and HR tech.

“We will be developing new solutions for our current business lines, but are also on the lookout for the right acquisitions,” Sogo told Branding In Asia. “In this vein, we consider if there’s a product and market fit and whether the product is scalable to our other markets in Asia.”


Launched earlier this month, the AdAsia Premium Marketplace will also represent another area of focus for 2019, following in the footsteps of CtrlShift and multiple leading agencies. In the coming months, AnyMind Group plans to roll out features with semantic contextual targeting capabilities, including an update that can bridge offline to online sale attribution.

For publishers, AnyMind Group is building a set of features that will make it a one-stop solution in both revenue generation & growth as well as measurement. According to Sogo, the holding group has built out machine learning resources that can optimize revenue and help advertisers set minimum bids.

Additional capabilities around business intelligence are also being deployed, with a focus on integrating additional streams of data into the platform to create more valuable insights for publishers.

To appease advertisers and agencies that have shown concern over platforms marking their own homework, AnyMind Group is in the process of sorting out partnerships in the verification space for its DSP and SSP products. Serving as a marketplace for advertisers to reach micro-influencers and a discovery solution for up and coming creators, CastingAsia is the holding group’s play in influencer marketing.


“We’re looking at ways to raise that bar too – including machine learning-driven campaign performance and pricing predictions, more accurate recommendations through computer vision and NLP analysis on influencer profiles, and overall greater usability,” said Sogo.


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