Q&A: Anselmo Ramos, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of David Miami

Anselmo Ramos has been involved in some of the most talked-about ad campaigns over the past few years – ideas like Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, or the Proud Whopper campaign for Burger King.

This year Ramos has been tapped as an Executive Judge at South Korea’s Ad Stars. Barbara Messer caught up with the native Brazilian to talk creativity and his vision for David, the agency he co-founded in 2011.

What can you tell us about the creative scene in Miami? How is it different to the creative culture in Brazil?

Miami is the opposite of São Paulo right now in that Miami is booming, but it’s hard to find talent. São Paulo has no shortage of talent, but it’s going through one of its worst crises ever. But in both cities, we try to have a different mix of people who love this business, be it in Miami or São Paulo or Buenos Aires – DAVID has a bunch of ad nerds and we’re proud of it.


You were described in AdWeek as “a master of leveraging social topics to help build brands on the global stage”. Do you think it is important for brands in 2017 to take a stand on social/political issues?

Wow, I didn’t know I was all that. Thanks so much AdWeek. When it comes to social and political issues, it all depends on the brand positioning and values; some brands have a history of cultural-relevant work and they are expected to have a stand in those issues. But most brands should just stay away. The worst thing a brand can do is to jump on the bandwagon without a reason. People smell when your intentions are not genuine.

Can you tell us about your vision for David? How does it build on David Ogilvy’s legacy, and how will it leave its own legacy?

David is a first-name agency, named after David Ogilvy, the pioneer of modern advertising. Because of that, we love doing things that haven’t been done before. We call those things “firsts.” A “first” has the power to create buzz, shape pop culture, and sell a lot of products along the way. We hope to leave a trail of “firsts” as a legacy.

What’s been the hardest thing about launching a hot shop?

To convince people that the shop can be hot before it becomes hot when it’s just a shop.


Do you have a creative outlet outside of advertising?

I write screenplays, although I’m still an “un-filmed screenwriter.” I also like to direct. I recently directed my first music video. I just hope it’s not the equivalent of my first ad.

I’ve heard that you love self-help books. Do you have a top 3?

The Secret,” “The Power,” and “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne.

What are you most looking forward to about judging an awards show in South Korea?

Everyone says great things about AD STARS and South Korea. I look forward to judging an award that I haven’t judged before, especially one that doesn’t charge for submissions, so more people can participate. I’m looking forward to seeing new work, learning, and getting to know new people. I’m also excited to visit Busan and Seoul for the first time!

Ad Stars takes place in Busan, South Korea the 24th to 26th August. For more info visit them on them web here.

Barbara Messer

Barbara Messer

Barbara is a Sydney-based content strategist, writer, editor, and communications consultant.

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