Annette Lee & Benjamin Kheng Featured in CNY Campaign Highlighting Chinese Singaporean Culture

SCCC has invited the duo behind “The Ann & Ben Show” to share their interpretation of Chinese Singaporean culture.





How each individual grows to understand and appreciate their culture is unique based on one’s own environment and experience. According to a Chinese New Year campaign from Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, regardless, “there are many distinctive traits that make locals proud to be Chinese Singaporeans. These traits come naturally as they are part of our everyday lives and we seldom think about it.”

SCCC has been soliciting audiences to share their take on local Chinese culture – with the latest initiatives being their Lianhe Zaobao’s Podcast Series: Same Same But Different, and also the “How Chinese Are You?” video. Having the knowledge and awareness of how we are uniquely different from other Chinese communities will strengthen the sense of pride and belonging.

This time, SCCC has invited the duo behind “The Ann & Ben Show” to share their own interpretation of Chinese Singaporean culture. The duo is known for their musical interpretations of their observations on local culture and social behaviours, from the way locals typically order Cai Fan to the nation’s love of bubble tea, listeners. Their compositions, such as the Caifan song, come with an interesting spin on Singaporean culture. Many of their viewers were able to relate to their content.


“Their original composition of the Music Video showcases shared experiences and local Chinese values that audiences will find familiar and relate to,” the brand said in a release. The song contains English, Mandarin, and many local colloquialisms that used in daily lives.

SCCC aims to highlight the distinctiveness of local Chinese culture and welcomes views from the public on what they find to be special about the Chinese culture in Singapore. For instance, in 2020, a street poll of young Singaporeans was held to get their take on being Chinese Singaporean. In addition, SCCC and Lianhe Zaobao jointly presented a podcast series, “Same Same but Different”, last year, where guests were invited to share their stories.


DSTNCT has been working with SCCC since 2019 and is officially appointed as the agency of record for Integrated Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media Management and Website Development and Maintenance.


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