Animal Selfies Campaign Tries to Get Japan to Dig Deeper in Support of Endangered Wildlife

WWF Japan has launched a new conservation campaign to propose a new solution that would allow people to think about and make donations toward environmental issues easier. According to WWF, Japanese citizens have significantly low concern toward environmental issues with donations per household amounting to 1/108 of western countries.

Developed by ADK Creative One Japan/CHERRY, the idea centers on selfies “that wild animals would upload if they could ask for help”.


The project, #ANIMAL_SELFIE features animals from all over the world uploading photos on Instagram, shot against backgrounds of various environmental issues.

The world’s first donation system utilizing the shopping function on Instagram was also developed. It was a new donation style, selfie x donation, allowing people to donate directly from the animal uploads.

The campaign spread across various media with 37 million impressions in 3 weeks, reaching 30 million. Donations were 142% up on the previous year.


Posters were also displayed at customs area of Haneda Airport, where illegal imports of wild animals are controlled, and anime voice-over artists voluntarily uploaded their voices, and a pet-insurance company showed support, many schools used these as teaching material, and the campaign even received Greenpeace approval, extending the value far beyond numbers.


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