Social Media Analytic Platform Offers Insight into Asian Consumer Thinking

Hong Kong-based social data firm Lamplight Analytics announced the release of a new social intelligence platform that analyzes online conversations from social media and traditional media. The company said it will be the first to focus on Asian languages and Asian social networking services.

This will come as welcome news to Western firms hoping for greater insight into how to best brand their products and services in Asia.

Lamplight says the service can segment collected data into a wide spectrum of categories, such as location, language, sentiment, and gender, to make insights more accurate.


The service works with the major languages spoken across Asia says Sam Olsen, CEO and co-founder of the firm.

“We were established in the East to provide social data analytics in local vernacular languages,” said Olsen through a company release. “With capabilities in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian Bahasa and Indonesian Bahasa, we construct searches that extract the most relevant content from each region. We are definitely listening with a local ear.”

Olsen says combing for clues in social media is an increasingly abundant wealth of market research.

The global market for social data analytics is now valued at US$620m, growing at over 35% a year. Asia is expected to be second only to North American in terms of social data analytics market size by the end of this decade.”


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