AnalogFolk Launches AI Tool That Aims to Boost Women’s Confidence

    By The Staff - Nov 3, 2020
    AnalogFolk Launches AI Tool That Aims to Boost Women’s Confidence

    Independent digital creative agency AnalogFolk has today launched BigUp.AI 2.0, a more powerful version of the AI tool that’s been under beta-testing in the creative community for the past eight months.

    The technology helps tackle large-scale societal issues – in this case, women habitually playing down their successes.

    Created by a female-led team of digital innovation specialists, it’s a not-for-profit tool that aims to help women to self-promote, by encouraging them to describe their skills, values, and strengths more confidently and to reconsider the language they use to talk about themselves professionally.

    AnalogFolk launched the beta version to coincide with International Women’s Day 2020, and thanks to the women who have used and trained it so far, phase two is now ready with an even smarter AI and a brand-new look.

    “Hong Kong’s gender pay gap is a whopping 22% – higher than Singapore, the UK, the US, and Australia.”

    It’s a timely reminder for women to own their self-worth, as the coronavirus pandemic affects our confidence, job security, and mental health.

    “Since we started beta-testing BigUp.AI earlier this year, we’ve faced a pandemic of global scale that’s made people feel incredibly small,” said Anna-Louise Gladwell, Managing Director, AnalogFolk, who has been leading the tool’s development.

    “Being at home without work, or consistently applying and getting turned down, makes it easy for women to lose touch with their self-worth. And for those in work, struggling with work/life balance and fearing their voice is being lost can lead to anxiety and burnout. Covid-19 has exacerbated a systemic social issue of female confidence, self-promotion, and career advancement. So BigUp.AI is here to remind women of their value and help them find the words to express it.”

    “Hong Kong’s gender pay gap is a whopping 22% – higher than Singapore, the UK, the US, and Australia,” said Chris Ryan, Managing Partner at AnalogFolk Asia. “Across Asia as a whole, the relative gaps between women and men on measures of health, education, economy, and politics are enormous, and not improving in any significant way. We feel that with more confidence and assertiveness, that picture can change in the months and years to come, starting with how women talk about themselves. AI is a powerful tool that can help to support this.”

    BigUp.AI aims to make improving a professional bio uplifting and fun. And the second version has bold, disruptive new visuals that reflect the tool’s mission to shake up societal expectations and empower women with technology.

    There are high-contrast colors, digital textures, and reactive stickers to cheer the user on. It’s incredibly easy to use and provides impactful sentences in seconds. Users are asked, ‘Tell us about a strength?’, with some examples to get them started. Their strength is ‘bigged up’ with more confident, assertive language, and a more powerful option is displayed every time they press the ‘Go bigger!’ button.

    AnalogFolk has developed a suite of inspirational quote posts to motivate professionals and build up their confidence. The quotes are a take on a popular social content style, covering topics like job rejection and Covid-induced burnout – ultimately though, all with a positive message.

    They’re being posted throughout the week across AnalogFolk’s social channels and afterward, the full set will be accessible on its Pinterest board.

    BigUp.AI is powered by Microsoft LUIS Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology. The improved AI for version 2.0 can read and analyze full sentences, instead of a single word, to reflect how people naturally express themselves. It identifies skills and suggests how to express them in an assertive, persuasive way. The AI was trained using skills found on real CVs and by users in the beta stage to build up a broad bank of strengths.

    The tool is a response to research from Dr. Judith Baxter, published in The Language of Female Leadership in which women were found four times more likely to shrink their successes and use language that undermines value and skill than their male counterparts.

    In comparison, men are twice as likely to emphasize their successes and leadership. A study from MajorPlayers has shown this lack of self-promotion and confidence is linked to a host of negative outcomes such as fewer promotions, less pay, less acceptance of women’s ideas, and unrepresentative performance reviews. With BigUp.AI, AnalogFolk wanted to change this narrative.

    This is just the start for BigUp.AI. AnalogFolk has committed its own time, money, and resource to developing the tool further and turning it into an app that will eventually be available in different languages. Over the past year, the agency has doubled its investment in R&D as it continues its push to deliver innovative ideas that create value for people and transform businesses. BigUp.AI is a cross-discipline collaboration and the result of the agency’s continued commitment to its mission to use digital to make the analog world better.


    Project name: BigUp.Ai
    Client: AnalogFolk
    Associate Creative Director: Sara Pouri
    Creative: Gracie Hawes
    Creative: Jacqueline Hedge
    Strategist: Vee Lockey
    Head of Delivery – Products and Services: Abi Bobroff
    Producer: Killian Collopy
    Front of House Manager: Queenie Sobowale
    Design Director: Dan Saxton
    Senior Designer: Margarita Iosif
    Senior Designer: Tamara Miller
    Designer 1: Anabel Hazeldine
    Designer 2: Dan Burrows (FL)
    Designer 3: Nicholas Panayi (FL)
    Tech Lead: Francisco Jordao
    Data Strategy Director: Tim Green
    Experience Design Director: Alan Oh
    Associate Experience Design Director: Kim Abbott
    Executive Creative Director: Simon Richings
    Creative Director: Steve Whittington

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