AnalogFolk Group Rolls Out New Automation and Tech Engineering Entity, With Robots

Chris Ryan, Managing Director & Partner AnalogFolk Asia

Global marketing and technology company, AnalogFolk Group, has announced the launch of automation and technology engineering company With Robots.

The new entity was created in response to a demand in the market to help brands deliver their technology engineering, web development, and advertising production projects, including automated content adaptation and localization, more efficiently and effectively.

“AnalogFolk has been building technology solutions for leading brands for over a decade but over the last 12 months what was clear is this same talent is capable of playing its’ part in solving wider industry issues such as 66% of consumers thinking brands are running advertising that is too repetitive and 90% of programmatic campaigns are lacking targeted creative,” said Guy Wieynk, CEO of AFG.


“Through automation and machine learning platforms we have demonstrated that we can meet consumer needs whilst delivering significant cost savings for brands.”

The companies flexible model aims to help brands and agencies benefit from the choice of two end-to-end solutions; ‘Build with Robots’ or/and ‘Automate with Robots’.

“Digital is more than just marketing, it is business for brands. Additionally, today’s brand message needs to be optimised for multiple audiences and across multiple formats, platforms, devices and data triggers. Our clients in Asia are telling us that using traditional methods to meet this demand is often expensive, time-consuming and painful,” said Chris Ryan, Managing Director & Partner AnalogFolk Asia.


“This is why we’ve built With Robots to provide an effortless and flexible solution that enables brands to mobilize the best technical talent in the world to fulfil their automation or build needs, however complex.”

‘Automate with Robots’ is AFG’s proprietary technology that replaces traditional production techniques with machine-driven automation; taking digital creative content and producing multi-artwork, multi-message, and multi-market variants; which aims to enable brands to deliver premium, relevant and hyper-personalised messaging cost-effectively.

‘Build with Robots’ engineering capabilities range from standard web production to open source and enterprise-scale platforms. This solution is focused on delivering specialist technical excellence and quality alongside cost and speed benefits.

Led by Miguel Alvarez, AFG’s Chief Technology Officer and CEO of With Robots, the With Robots team comprises 20 technical specialists dispersed across Europe, APAC, North and South America.

“It’s wonderful to see our team not only building technology solutions for leading brands, but also applying their engineering prowess to tackle issues impacting the digital marketing landscape,” said Alvarez.

“We are truly expanding the definition of creativity as we support our clients through the demise of cookies and even more emphasis being placed on the creative use of technology to meet customer needs and brands’ business objectives.”