Amit Sutha Named EVP, Executive Director Global Business at Mediabrands Content Studio

    Sutha had previously led both UM Malaysia and Ensemble Malaysia.

    By The Staff - Jan 20, 2021
    Amit Sutha Named EVP, Executive Director Global Business at Mediabrands Content Studio

    Amit Sutha, has been elevated to EVP, Executive Director Global Business of Interpublic’s new creative practice, Mediabrands Content Studio, effective immediately. Launched in November 2020 by Brendan Gaul, Mediabrands Global Chief Content Officer, MBCS is designed to network and grow the content capabilities within Mediabrands’ agencies — UM, Initiative, Reprise, Rapport, MAGNA and Orion around the world.

    Under Sutha’s leadership as CEO of both Media Agency, UM Malaysia and Creative Agency, Ensemble Malaysia, the latter of which Sutha nationally founded, the agencies achieved global and APAC-region prominence. UM Malaysia has consistently been named the country’s best agency by RECMA since 2016 and was named the top office in the world in 2016 and 2017.

    UM/Ensemble also won AOY at Campaign Asia’s AOY Awards in both 2020 and 2019 for media, creative, digital and mobile, and UM Studios won AOY for Southeast Asia Content Agency.

    “I’m honored to be joining Brendan and the MBCS Global team,” Sutha said.

    “MBCS’ vision of integrating new and innovative content models more tightly into client solutions will only make Mediabrands’ work for clients stronger. I’ve seen time and time again, data-driven content actually makes our media product better. I look forward to building on MBCS’s early success and in forging new relationships with our partners globally.”

    In his new role, Sutha will oversee the development and deployment of specialized content capabilities and teams across Mediabrands’ top markets. Through data-fueled content experiences, MBCS provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities that link Branded Content, Performance Content, Advertising Campaigns and Original Content and Entertainment solutions.

    “Amit’s track record is unparalleled,” added Gaul, who will remain APAC-based.

    “He doesn’t look at media and creative separately. He builds both from data, bringing a unique understanding of the client’s high value audiences. He is a champion of great creative that moves a client’s business and makes one rethink the way of looking at integrated solutions.” Gaul added.

    Sutha will report directly to Gaul.

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