Amazon Karigar Highlights Handcrafted Goods of India in Newest Campaign

    The colorful film takes us on a ride through the arts in India.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jan 26, 2021
    Amazon Karigar Highlights Handcrafted Goods of India in Newest Campaign

    Amazon Karigar, the division of the e-commerce giant that sells handcrafted Indian goods has launched a new campaign, ‘Handcrafted with Love.” The vibrant spot was created by Ogilvy India.

    From ornate woodworking to brass, and royal blue pottery, the minute and a half spot is a poetic, colorful journey into the world of Karigars or Indian craftsmen. The film mixes the real with the magical as it explores the endless handcrafted goods created in India.

    Artisans weaving on a loom turn to waterfalls of endless fabric. Miniature wood carvings turn to massive floating fortresses. It’s a tour de force of the Indian arts.

    The spot was directed by Rajesh and Vidya from Lucifer Films.

    “I applaud Amazon’s effort to recognize the artists and the artisans that have made India famous for centuries. As a child I have been exposed to artists of various kinds due to the involvement of my sisters who wanted to promote fine artistes of every kind including folk musicians,” Piyush Pandey, Chief Creative Officer Worldwide and Executive Chairman India, Ogilvy.

    “And as a partner to famous Indian businesses like Pidilite (promoters of furniture artists) and Asian Paints (as promoters of the use of colour and paint in Indian household and cultures), I am delighted by the effort of Amazon and my colleagues in Ogilvy South as well as the film makers who did ample justice to the magnificent heritage of art and craft in various parts of India.”

    “Karigar was launched by Amazon India in 2016 to enable artisan and weaver communities to benefit from e-commerce, and grow and scale their businesses in the process,” added Pranav Bhasin, Director – MSME & Selling Partner Experience at Amazon India.

    “The program has positively impacted lives of over 10 lakhs sellers that include weavers, artisans and craftsmen, and today over 60,000 products, including 270+ unique arts and crafts from over 20 states are showcased Karigar storefront on A.in. ‘Handcrafted, With Love’ is an ode to the undying spirit and exquisite skills of Karigars, artisans and weavers, many of whom are helping keep various art forms alive,” said Bhasin.

    “The association of Amazon with Karigars from across India goes a long way. Over 10 lakh Karigars make lakhs of products and Amazon wanted to introduce these Karigari to consumers. Mr. Varun Bharadwaj, our client, saw the bigness of the idea and had the vision to make it big. That’s why he kept the brief simple – “tell the world the magic our Karigars weave with their hands, day in and day out.” That’s when we realized, whatever piece the Karigars put their hands in to create, it’s nothing short of poetry,” said Mahesh Gharat, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India-South.

    “So why not create a film which in itself is poetry in motion. That’s when we deep dived into their world, their craft and created 5 different worlds where our Karigars operate. But that wasn’t enough. The idea was to tie these visuals with a magical storytelling and who better than the Karigar of words –Gulzar Saab. He helped us describe these 5 different worlds with his spectacular poem and voice in the most Gulzar way.”

    “Also, the creation of the set of 5 different worlds wouldn’t have been possible without the vision of Rajesh, Vidya and Gaurav and most of all the craft of production designer Sabu Cyril. These are the ones who brought the entire vision alive. When all of this came together, it seamlessly brought out the visual drama packed with oodles of emotion that pay a fitting tribute to our Karigars.”


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