Cover with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as Lord Vishnu Draws Apology

Fortune magazine has apologized for their January cover that portrays Amazon boss Jeff Bezos as the Hindu god Lord Vishnu.

The image accompanied the story, “Amazon invades India” covering Amazon’s ramped up move into the Indian market.

Amazon Bezos Hindu Vishnu Cover Branding in AsiaAlan Murray, Fortune’s editor, admitted the magazine made a mistake and that the illustration was in poor taste, adding that while there was no intention to offend.


“The cover of Fortune’s January 2016 international edition featured an illustration of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as a Hindu deity. Neither the artist nor the editors of Fortune had any intention of parodying a particular deity or of offending members of the Hindu faith. It is clear that we erred and for that, we apologize.”

The apology came after a Hindu group complained that the portrayal of Bezos as Lord Vishnu was offensive to followers of the Hindu religion.

“Lord Vishnu is a highly revered major deity in Hinduism meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not to be used indecorously or thrown around loosely in reimagined versions for dramatic effects,” Nevada-based Hindu statesman Rajan Zed wrote in a statement to the Hindustan Times.


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