Aman Tokyo Hotel Releases Hauntingly Beautiful New Ad via Mr+Positive

Mr+Positive has created a new ad campaign spot for AMAN luxury hotel that weaves its way through tradition & modernity with a beautifully filmed, albeit at times eerily empty series of scenes that span Tokyo to the lush landscapes of Kumano Kōdō in the Southern Kansai region,

Directed by Connor Gilhooly, the creative concept for AMAN Tokyo was “to show both the luxurious serenity and aesthetic beauty so characteristic of the AMAN hotel brand, as well as highlight Tokyo’s unique duality of respected traditions and ultra-modernity, of finding peaceful calm in one of the busiest cities of the world.”

Gilhooly chose scenes of the urban landscape interwoven with the hotel’s own architectural shapes & lines. Through his use of light and shadow, a playful lens using blurred images and crisp lines interchangeably, Gilhooly created beautiful piece of cinematographic work.


Via Mr+Positive:

“In production – pre, during & post – Mr+Positive poured both love & enthusiasm into every aspect of the project. Winning the trust of a prestigious brand is a reward for previous works. Building an excellent team of trusted & talented creatives is paramount to success. To join Gilhooly was Chris Watkins as DoP from New Zealand; the sound was managed by Mr+Positive’s post-production partner, Cutting Edge Japan; color grading was masterfully executed by Ben Conkey.

But all filmmakers & image creators need a subject from the beauty of architectural shapes to the reflective surfaces of a cityscape, the heavy yet refined movements of sumo wrestlers, and dreamy colors-and-lights traveled by observant protagonists. In this film, the AMAN Tokyo hotel featured prominently with its elegant architecture & soft tones. The views of the city were breathtaking both by day & night, from sunrise to sunset. Acquiring permission to film inside the famous Team Lab Borderless, the film captures the magic of lights & colors alongside the traditional movements & earthen training stables of the sumo dōjō so revered in Japan. 


In many ways, the production of AMAN Tokyo spoke volumes to the importance of building a team of creatives, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurial-minded people with each fulfilling their role – vision, positivity, and agility. As producers, it’s about bringing extra value at every turn. As creatives, it’s about creating beautiful visuals and fusing all the senses into one coherent piece. Mr+Positive has brought together the best of Tokyo & abroad to produce a commercial film of creativity & beauty.”


Brand: AMAN Hotels
Production Company: Mr+Positive
Director & Editor: Connor Gilhooly
Director of Photography: Chris Watkins
Executive Producer: Peter Grasse
Producer: Takane Oura
Colourist: Ben Conkey
Sound Design: Cutting Edge Japan

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