Allianz Insurance Launches ‘The Strength to Move Forward’ Olympic Campaign

The problem some marketers face is creating a brand campaign that will stand out during the Olympic Games and its myriad promotions. BBDO Shanghai and worldwide Olympic and Paralympic insurance partner Allianz have come up with an “uncommon” answer with the jointly created campaign “The Strength to Move Forward”.

According to the agency, it “put down its previous Olympic Campaign experience and abandoned the conventional practice of manifesto-style sports TVCs. Instead of using a large amount lot of copy content in the video,” and let the narrative be driven by two minor characters who “tell a simple short story, with a man who walked across mountains and rivers, and a girl who chased figure skating dreams in her own world.

They finally meet each other in the competition and become the strength to move forward for each other.


So did, BBDO and Allianz Insurance accomplish the goal of creating something “uncommon”. You can decide. But it’s certainly a nice piece of creative film making.

“BBDO Shanghai and Allianz Insurance jointly created this campaign to present this strength to move forward to all athletes who are fighting for their dreams, to all audiences who wholeheartedly support the athletes, and to everyone who moves forward fearlessly, the agency said.

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