Alipay China Ads are a Fun Poke at Bill Paying Overload

Alipay, a payments firm under the umbrella of e-commerce giant Alibaba, has tapped J. Walter Thompson to create a clever new campaign telling Chinese viewers that Alipay transcends online payments and offers a wide array of features such as family accounts, a social messaging platform and tools for business vendor.

From JWT:

“The campaign shows how Alipay helps users to combine “Guan Xi,” or relationship networks, with financial transactions, in a country where it can still be taboo to talk about money. A family account helps family members support each other without the risk of losing face, helping to enhance family bonds. Users can also collect money through an Alipay group chat, or send a friendly loan reminder to a friend.”


If you’re having any problems with the videos, you can watch the series here.