Alibaba’s UC Browser Ad Says Don’t Belong to ‘Before Christ’ Era

Cheil India has put together a spot for UC News, a part of Alibaba’s UC Browser, comparing being behind in the latest news to living much too far in the distant past.

“Literally speaking, if you don’t have UC on your phone, you belong to BC (Before Christ),” says Cheil, describing the spot in a press release. “And that’s exactly what the latest campaign crafted by Cheil India highlights: “UC nahi toh BC!”

The integrated campaign kicked off at the end of July with the launch of the TVC on Facebook and Twitter and later on TV screens across the country.



Film Description from Cheil:

Film opens to a group of youngsters around a table in a restaurant.


One of them excitedly shares a piece of news, which he reads on his smartphone that two celebrities got engaged secretly. To his disappointment, his friends don’t seem to be excited at all. On the contrary, they make faces and one of them points out that the news is at least 2 hours old.

Just then, the young man who shared the dated news is startled by the sudden appearance of 3 cave men. They thunder at him “let’s go.” Shocked, he asks them, “where to?” to which they respond in unison, “to BC!”

He turns to his friends to help him understand what’s happening. His smart friend, the protagonist, clarifies that they’re taking him to “Before Christ.”

The cave men disappear with the young man. Only his hat remains. All his friends look at it with pity, and the protagonist tells us, “If you don’t want to go to BC, download UC.”

He points at UC News app on his smartphone and tells us how it is best way to get the latest news.

The film comes back to the young man held hostage by the cave men in a pre-historic cave. He extols, “If you don’t have UC….” The cave men finish it off with an emphatic, “BC!”

The campaign also features a Caveman Prank spot:

Creative Agency:
Cheil Worldwide SW Asia

Creative Team:
Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar
Mithun Purkayastha
Vijay Simha Vellanki

Account Management:
Aarti Malhotra
Sangeet Bhatia
Ankita Sharma

Account Planning:
Ayan Banik
Tanvi Arora

Director (of the TVC):
Rajesh Saathi

Exécutive Producer:
Harish Nambiar
Simran Bedi

Production House:
Keroscene Films

The Staff

The Staff

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