At Alibaba’s Facial Recognition Cashierless Store, a Smile Gets You a Discount

Alibaba has launched a cashier-less, brick-and-mortar store that uses facial recognition to identify shoppers who then simply get what they want and walk out the door.

Dubbed, “Futuremart,” the store at their headquarters in Hangzhou, China, offers a preview of what the future of shopping might look like in the future.

When customers walk in, facial recognition technology identifies them or they can scan a QR code with their Alipay, Taobao or Tmall apps. On the way out the door, whatever they want to buy in hand, the facial recognition and RFID technology automatically confirm identification and the transaction is effortlessly processed.


And, if you’re in a good mood, the “Happy Go” happiness meter will give discounts for smiling. When you’re done shopping, they just walk out.

Joining Amazon in the Cashier-less concept

In January, Amazon Go launched something similar that allows cashier-less shopping by scanning the Amazon Go app as they enter the store and pass through the turnstile.

Using “Just walk out” technology, the transaction is charged directly to their Amazon account when they walk out the door.



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