Alia Bhatt Sets off Social Media Storm in Funny New JSW Paints Ad

JSW Paints has tapped Alia Bhatt for a new campaign pitching the brand’s new water-based paint “Aquaglo” that is free of the harmful toxins commonly found in traditional wood and metal paints.

Featuring the Bollywood star, the one-minute spot, via TBWA\India, highlights how a newly painted door can pollute your home. Alia’s recognition of this sets of a social media storm of jokes and banter, with everyone from news anchors to stand-up comics and the average Indian joining in for a laugh.


“Paint category has been dominated by the same market leaders for decades without any real challenger,” said Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA\India.

“JSW Paints is the disruptor that is questioning the unquestioned answers and norms. It is also encouraging the end consumers to get more involved because only then they will discover the best solutions for themselves.”


Parixit Bhattacharya, Managing Partner Creative, TBWA\India, added: “A low involvement category, a great product and the nation’s sweetheart. Stir them well and you get a sensational headline. Paint Ka GK Badhao is asking people to make informed choices and shut the door on polluting chemicals.”


Agency – TBWA\India
CEO – Govind Pandey
Executive Director – Namrata Nandan
Managing Partner – Creative – Parixit Bhattacharya
CSO – Satish Krishnamurthy
Strategy Team – Rahul Meghraj, Bianca Joseph, Shimona Mohan
Creative Team – Sourabh Pathak, Sushant Dharwadkar, Priyang Davey
Account Management Team – Rohini Radhakrishnan, Foram Mehta