Airbnb Campaign in South Korea Appeals to Rushed Vacationers and Trend Seekers

Stop in front of the Eiffel Tower, smile, take a photo. Move on to the Louvre; take another photo and quickly move on. This is how many Koreans, pressed with little time to get away from their busy lives, have approached “travel” over the years.

In a new campaign by Airbnb tailored especially for the Korean market, where Airbnb is just starting to gain traction in the collective conscious, the brand expands on the global “Don’t Go There, Live There” campaign and encourages Korean travelers to live like a local by booking houses and rooms through its service.

It opens with the narrator saying:


We, who are used to waking up with a morning alarm, instead, wake up when we want.
We, who are used to busily running around, instead, enjoy being lazy with Airbnb.
We, who are used to finding only ‘famous’ restaurants, instead, eat at a local spot in a small alley.
We, who are used to going to sleep with a smartphone, instead, fall asleep while gazing at the stars.
Reserve a house for your family with Airbnb.

The nicely filmed 45-second spot, which was put together by TBWA\Korea, wraps up with the global pitch: “Don’t Go There, Live There. Airbnb.”


Creative Agency: TBWA\Korea
Creative Director: Dong Wook Seo
Copywriter: Seon Woo Kim
Art Director: Yoon Pyo Noh
Account Manager: Min Sun Yu
Account Executive: Ha Ram Kang


Airbnb and TBWA to part ways

In related news Airbnb is reportedly calling for a fresh review on its global creative agency. TBWA\Chiat\Day, which has held the account since 2014, confirmed to Marketing magazine it will not be taking part in the pitch.

“We’re proud of the body of work we’ve created over the past three years, especially the ‘Live There’ global campaign, adding another iconic brand platform to an illustrious list that includes Apple’s ‘Think Different,’ Gatorade’s ‘Win from Within,’ and adidas’ ‘Impossible is Nothing.’ We’re also proud to have helped drive Airbnb’s evolution from a remarkable challenger business to a leading global brand during our partnership. We wish them continued success,” said the agency spokesperson.


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