South Korean Couple Reports Finding Hidden Camera in Airbnb House in Japan

Photo from The Korea Times reportedly showing the hidden camera.

A Korean couple has reported that they found a hidden camera disguised as a fire detector in their Airbnb house in Japan and police have investigated the charges following a call from the Korean embassy.

According to a post by the couple on social media on June 28, they first spotted the camera after realizing that the fire detector was oddly positioned with a small hole aiming at the bed.

The post said that the girlfriend initially joked about the detector being a hidden camera. The man, to be safe, examined the fire detector and found a small camera attached to a micro SD card.


“It was a relief we hadn’t done anything that night,” said the man who shared the post. “However, we rented the same Airbnb house during an earlier visit in January.”

The couple reported it to the South Korean Embassy in Japan, which then alerted police.

“The embassy gave us a lot of help,” the man said. “The police immediately searched the house and confiscated the hidden camera. Although the case is set for a trial, I think it will only be punished as a misdemeanor.”


An official from Airbnb said that the host was immediately removed from the site.

“We take privacy issues very seriously and have no tolerance for such behavior,” an official said. “We immediately removed the host and provided maximum support to the affected guests.”

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