Air New Zealand Releases Action-Packed ‘The Great Christmas Chase’

A flight attendant finds a Christmas present left on the plane. Let the adventure begin.

Air New Zealand has launched its latest Christmas campaign in partnership with Bastion Shine. According to the agency, this year the challenge was to build on this tradition while also breaking away from the expected Christmas tropes to create a campaign that only Air New Zealand could do.

‘At the heart of Air New Zealand is their people. They are the airlines most distinctive asset, and their unconventional way of showing care is what sets them apart from other airlines,” said Ryan Jordan, Group Strategy Director at Bastion Shine.

“We wanted to demonstrate the inherent care Air New Zealanders have and show the extreme lengths they will go to ensure each, and every passenger has a great Christmas.”


Introducing: The Great Christmas Chase, an action-packed spot with stunts, special effects, a slow car chase, and all the trimmings.

“The campaign leans into the action movie genre, using easter eggs from iconic films to hyperbolise the suspense and physical feats the Air New Zealander needs to overcome to save Christmas for an unsuspecting passenger,” said Dom Antelme, Executive Creative Director at Bastion Shine.

The campaign has been promoted like a movie release. With trailers, film posters, and social content directing people to watch the film.



Client: Air New Zealand
Agency: Bastion Shine
Directed by Josh Frizzell, production by Reel Factory.
Media by Dentsu.

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