Separating AI Hype from Reality and Finding a Competitive Advantage

Today I have a special in-between episode for you. At this year’s big Tech In Asia Tokyoevent I moderated a panel on artificial intelligence with some of the leaders in the field in Asia.

We talked about how to separate the AI hype from reality, where companies can and are finding competitive advantage in AI, and whether in the decades to come artificial intelligence will be serving us in the future or whether we will be answering to our robot overlords.

Joining me on the main Tech in Asia stage were:

  • Alexis Zheng – Product Lead, Uber
  • Toshitada Nagumo – CEO, Fenox Japan
  • Takahiro Shoji – Venture Partner,

It was an interesting conversation, and I thought I would package it up and bring it to you exactly as it happened.

Listen Here:

Listen to this and more at Disrupting Japan.



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