‘Agent Swift’ Gordon Lam and ‘Agent Flexi’ Louise Wong Star in Action-Packed Ad for Manulife


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Manulife Hong Kong has launched a creative campaign to highlight how to increase the chances of survival against critical illness.

Following the ManuBright Care 2 “Increase odds of survival against critical illness” campaign in 2020, the latest ManuPrimo Care campaign takes a more positive view of a serious topic by emphasizing how people have a better chance of survival with early preparation, based on Manulife’s customer insights revealed the evolving needs of consumers and the demand for customer-centric critical illness solutions with greater flexibility and options.

New campaign promotes core message: No matter the diagnosis, with smart and flexible plans, you can have a better chance of survival.


Created by Manulife’s creative partner Dentsu, the campaign features an entertaining cinematic film with well-known Hong Kong actors Gordon Lam and Louise Wong as product ambassadors.


“Critical illnesses vary from person to person and each recovery journey is unique. With this in mind and to encourage people in Hong Kong to better prepare for all eventualities, our new campaign helps the audience understand the importance of critical illness coverage,” said Kenneth Luk, Head of Marketing, Manulife Hong Kong and Macau.


“The comprehensive campaign educates people about how the Plans have been designed to give customers well-rounded protection with continuous care benefits and flexible cancer payout options. And by collaborating with local celebrities Gordon Lam and Louise Wong, the campaign will reach a wider audience motivating more people to obtain critical illness coverage earlier.”

Manulife’s large-scale campaign is featured prominently in prime locations at Hong Kong and Causeway Bay MTR stations and outdoors on the Island Beverly shopping mall in Causeway Bay. Buses across the city as well as bus shelters have also been emblazoned with advertisements about the campaign.

“No matter where you are in life, or your career, you should be able to choose critical illness protection plans which are smart and flexible enough to help fight all eventualities,” said Lam. “Working on this campaign allowed us to share this vital message to a wide audience.”

“I have portrayed many roles in films and TV shows, but this was the first time I’ve ever played a special agent. In this role, it was crucial to show the audience that even special agents need to look after their health and prepare for the future. It was an exciting experience working on this interesting and unique project about such an important health topic,” said Louise Wong, actress, product ambassador for ManuPrimo Care.

“The campaign takes a light-hearted and entertaining approach to talk about a serious and heavy topic. We worked closely with Manulife, Lam and Wong to create a creative campaign that resonates with people in Hong Kong while at the same time delivering the key messages on critical illness. The end result is an insurance ad campaign that for the first time in Hong Kong adopts a cinematic approach,” added Jeffry Gamble, Chief Creative Officer, dentsu International Hong Kong


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