Adult Toy Window Display Deemed OK by New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority

A ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)  in New Zealand has said that adult shops are allowed to display sex toys in their windows, providing the display is not “sexually explicit”, reports Stuff.

The report added that the ASA has not yet ruled whether it found bondage boxed sets with photographic covers showing scantily-clad women tied up for pleasure as being sexually explicit.

According to Stuff, the owner of the DVX adult entertainment store located on a popular shopping street in Auckland removed the items following complaints from local mother Lynne Low. Thus, the ASA considered the complaint to have been “settled”.


Along with her complaint to the ASA Low additionally petitioned Parliament, saying that the window displays of adult-themed items were not in-line with community standards.

“I go through efforts to put safety filters on my children’s devices … and I can’t stop them from looking at this stuff on the street corner,” Low told Stuff last month.