Adobe Partners with Microsoft to Launch AI and Marketing Products

Steve Lucas, the former CEO of Marketo, and now the SVP of digital experiences at Adobe.

Taking on Google through collaboration, Adobe and Microsoft will reveal a new project today at the Adobe Summit 2019 around voice-based AI. Aptly named Intelligent Agents, the technology will allow users to make natural language inquiries pertaining to documents that have been scanned, read, and analysed by Cognitive Services created by Microsoft.

Mindy Kaling will headline the “Summit Sneaks” unveiling at the Adobe Summit 2019 today, demonstrating the latest technology developed by the R&D labs at Adobe, including advancements in AI, mixed reality, and voice. Intelligent Agents are meant to offer visual responses to voice inquiries pertaining to contract based documents, empowering users to get comparisons, analyze value, and find information powered by natural language processing.


In its eighth year, Sneaks gives Adobe engineers, researchers, product managers and UX designers the opportunity to submit proposals for a chance to present their work at Adobe Summit, with audience favorites having the potential to become product offerings, such as Smart Layout in Adobe Experience Manager and Attribution IQ in Adobe Analytics.

Account Based Experiences

In another announcement, Microsoft and Adobe shared their new partnership with LinkedIn to deliver enhanced B2B marketing capabilities powered by Marketo, the lead generation software acquired by Adobe for $4.75 billion in Q4 2018.

Speaking at the Adobe Summit 2019, Steve Lucas, the former CEO of Marketo and now the SVP of digital experiences at Adobe, spoke about the impact of the acquisition and the rollout of enhanced B2B marketing products.


“People don’t want to be sold to,” said Lucas. “I mean do you wake up in the morning and go ‘I can wait to see if there’s a mattress sale in Gmail’ – no, no one does that and if you do that’s weird. But I will tell you as humans we all want to be engaged with. And the results of driving engagement from Marketo alone speak for themselves and highlight a clear inflection point for B2B marketing.”

Lucas noted that B2B and B2C marketing have as much in common as they have differences, pointing out that while the latter focuses on gaining a singular precise view of the customer, while the former is about the same only with an account with multiple buyers.

“In B2C, we’re placing billions of ads, analyzing trillions of data points in less than a second to ensure we can sense and respond to demand in real time, we know that,” said Lucas.”But in B2B, my gosh, we have to comprehend large buying teams where you need to orchestrate a complex buyer journey overextended arcs or longer period of time that can last years – so obviously there are differences.”

Post-acquisition, in an effort to fit into the brand architecture of Adobe, Marketo is now Marketo Engage under the Adobe Experience Cloud. Lucas said this lead to convergence of B2E – business to everyone, everywhere – the understanding that engagement matters.

“Account-Based Experience is an entirely new way to identify, engage with, and deliver new experiences to account buying teams,” said Lucas. “We aligned with Microsoft to enable marketers to integrate account data from critical systems including Adobe but Microsoft Dynamics and Office. This enabled real-time hydration of account profile to critical information so that you can deliver personalized content like never before for any digital campaign.”

Lucas said the partnership extension with LinkedIn means that marketers can calibrate their target accounts with what is sitting in LinkedIn while being able to address B2B buyers on LinkedIn.

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed is a Correspondent for Branding In Asia.

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