Adobe Launches Commerce Cloud

Jason Woosley, the VP of its Commerce Product & Platform at Adobe.

Building on the $1.68 billion acquisition of Magento in 2018, Adobe today announced the launch of the Commerce Cloud at the Adobe Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, under the Experience Cloud brand architecture. A fully managed cloud-based version of the Magento platform, the Adobe Commerce Cloud comes fully integrated with Adobe’s analytics, marketing, and advertising suite.

The unveiling of the Adobe Commerce Cloud, powered by Magento.

According to Jason Woosley, the former SVP of product and technology at Magento Commerce and now the VP of its Commerce Product & Platform at Adobe, the platform has been extended with an integration with the Amazon marketplace for direct management of the Commerce Cloud interface. It also includes dashboards for keeping an eye on a company’s e-commerce strategy.


“For Adobe, that’s really important because it actually closes the last mile in its Experience offering,” said Woosley. “It’s no mystery that they’ve been looking at commerce offerings in the past. We’re just super glad that they settled on us.”

With regards to the integration with Amazon, Woosley said that users of Commerce Cloud will be able to pick and choose which parts of their inventory will appear on Amazon and at what prices.

“By applying real-time insights to optimize every step of a customer’s journey — from [discovery] to try, buy, use and renew — companies can optimize and run their entire business based on how customer experiences evolve and realize the full potential of their customer-centric business transformation,” said Woosley.


Speaking at the Adobe Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, Woosley said that the Adobe Commerce Cloud puts agility, performance, and security at the very forefront, while offering customers the ability to streamline operations and exceed customer & business objectives.

“Your marketing, merchandising, pricing, and supply chain are all optimised in real time for outcome metrics like retention, margin, lifetime value,” said Woosley during his talk at the Summit. ”

Woosley said the combination of behavioural data with transactional data makes this possible, with the intersection yielding the most comprehensive and complete customer profile in the industry, adding that users will be able to enable dynamic pricing, virtual supply chain optimisation, and immersive personalised shopping experiences to every storefront – physical, digital, and virtual.

“So we are so excited about our combined potential in this ecosystem, experience makers with diverse backgrounds and a singular purpose – to help you create an incredible end to end experiences.”

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed is a Correspondent for Branding In Asia.

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