Admix Partners with Integral Ad Science

    Admix allows advertisers to programmatically reach audiences in-game.

    By The Staff - May 6, 2021
    Admix Partners with Integral Ad Science

    Sam Huber-CEO of Admix

    Admix, a platform that bridges the gap between mobile games and brands, has announced a new partnership with digital ad verification company Integral Ad Science.

    Admix’ In-Play advertising will be independently assessed and verified, helping to unlock significant potential across the In-Play category for the entire mobile advertising ecosystem, from brands to mobile game developers.

    Admix advanced, scalable In-Play platform, allowing advertisers to programmatically target and reach audiences across billions of hours of gameplay.

    “Admix’ new partnership with IAS is the first in a number of initiatives to standardize In-Play viewability and performance. While we have always been confident in our technology and our approach, ultimately having our solution verified by a trusted independent partner such as IAS is vital to our vision for gaming as a media channel,” said Samuel Huber, CEO and Co-Founder at Admix.”

    IAS hopes the partnership will help increase media quality and buyer confidence.

    “Working with Admix, we’re delivering a critical viewability solution for In-Play advertising that gives marketers the tools they need to invest confidently. By bringing trusted measurement and greater transparency to the high-growth In-Play gaming market, we’re helping brands, agencies, and mobile game developers ensure the quality of their advertising,” said Chance Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer at IAS.


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