Adidas Malaysia says ‘There Will Be Haters’ Campaign a Success

The #ThereWillBeHaters Twitter campaign launched earlier this year by sports apparel makers Adidas Malaysia has been a success the company says.

The#ThereWillBeHaters video and a series of stills star some of the most ‘hated’ football players such as Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez and Karim Benzema.

So, why do people hate them? Probably for reasons that a lot of our readers can relate to.


Such as:

adidas Gareth Bale there will be haters

Don’t you feel this way sometimes about yourself?

And if it’s not that, it’s because, “They hate your shiny new boots. They hate your boots, because they wish they were in them.”

Heard that.

At any rate, the campaign went very well according to Samantha Chan, brand manager for Adidas Malaysia. She told Marketing-Interactive that the @adidasMY campaign garnered some impressive results.

“Twitter has proven to deliver high click-through rates in the past, and this time was no different,” said Chan. “our campaign received 1.8 million impressions in just three weeks.”

The campaign also clocked in with an impressive 4.93% Peak Engagement Rate.

This no doubt will earn Adidas some haters in the Malaysian apparel industry. Good on them.

Here is the Lionel Messi version of the There Will Be Haters campaign. It’s passive aggressive script:

“You’ll never be good enough, or big enough. You’ll never make it with the big boys in the big league. You’ll never leave your little home town,” it begins.

It culminates with, “You’ll never be the greatest. And never the greatest player that’s ever lived.”

In other Adidas football news:




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