Adidas Liquid Billboard Launch Goes Swimmingly

Adidas has unveiled what they claim to be the world’s first liquid billboard in Dubai. The beach-side transparent pool was launched to debut the sports brand’s inclusive swimwear collection.

A YouGov survey commissioned by Adidas in 2021 revealed that only 12% of women in the United Arab Emirates were completely comfortable wearing a swimsuit at a public beach or pool. Body shame and lack of privacy are the two main reasons women do not feel comfortable in their swimsuits.

Adidas designed a wider choice of swimwear for women, aiming to inspire confidence and build on its commitment to make the future of the sport as inclusive as possible.


The activation included a 5-meter tall swimming pool with clear glass walls and invited ladies of Dubai to take a public “leap” of faith and participate by taking a dive “Beyond the Surface,” reinforcing the brand’s global attempt to ensure that sport is welcoming for all.

Those who took the public dive into the liquid billboard included Adidas ambassador and amputee triathlete Dareen Barbar who is also a Guinness World Records title holder as well as Adidas ambassador Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi Arabian female to climb Mount Everest. Content from the liquid billboard was beamed directly onto a digital screen above the Dubai Mall Ice Rink, next to the Adidas flagship store, allowing shoppers and mallgoers to enjoy the experience.

“Our belief is that nobody should be prevented from enjoying the benefits of being in and around the water, hence the recent launch of our diversified product offering for all women and our Burkini Collection,” said Amrith Gopinath, Sr Brand Director Adidas GCC.


“Each piece is also carefully crafted to ensure that additional fabric does not reduce a swimmer’s ability to move in the water. The range went through a detailed testing process with consumer groups across multiple regions to help find the perfect balance of fit, features, performance and coverage.”

The campaign was a Havas Middle East effort, with both Havas Creative and Red Havas working together.

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