Adidas Builds Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball Court 250 Meters Above Dubai Featuring Asma Elbadawi

Not too happy with your vertical leap? Well, thanks to a new campaign from adidas you can at least get a 250M head start thanks to the brand building a basketball court atop the Dubai skyline.

The glow-in-the-dark “I am Possible” court sits on top of a 52-floor tower at the heart of the iconic man-made island, The Palm, and was built using hundreds of UV black lights, LED panels, and glowing-in-the-dark paint. According to the brand, the construction took about 100 hours of work on the ground.

The I’m Possible court features an illustration by Kgabo Mametja of Sudanese-British basketball player, poet, and activist Asma Elbadawi in a bid to inspire a more inclusive playing field. Asma changed the game for women in the sport when in 2014 she successfully overturned the International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA) ban on religious headgear in professional basketball.


“When we wanted to end the ban on playing with hijab, they said impossible. But like this city, every time I’m told impossible, all I hear is I’m possible,” said Elbadawi.

The campaign, from Havas Middle East, also features a film shot using a helicopter more than 1,500m above the court.


This campaign could have only happened in a city like Dubai, which constantly defies boundaries and symbolizes possibilities, values shared by both adidas and Asma,” said Paul O’Connor, Director Brand Communications & Sports Marketing.

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