AdColony Teams Up with Mana Partners to Simplify In-App Gaming Marketplace in APAC

    By The Staff - Jan 4, 2021
    AdColony Teams Up with Mana Partners to Simplify In-App Gaming Marketplace in APAC

    Image: Emmanuel via Unsplash

    AdColony, the in-app marketplace for brands, with a focus on gaming, has teamed up with Mana Partners, the Singapore-based gaming & esports brand consultancy firm to leverage the potential offered by the global gaming & esports ecosystem.

    With gaming and esports being a highly complex and challenging space to navigate, the strategic partnership, the duo said the aim is to simplify the ways brands can get involved.

    The popularity of esports, in particular, has boomed in recent years with an increasing number of viewers watching their favorite games being played by other gamers around the world. The recent pandemic has further accelerated its growth, with the global esports market expected to generate almost US$ 1.6 billion worth of revenues in 2023 – a 15.5% increase in compound annual growth rate from 2018, said AdColony and Mana Partners.

    Last year, players spent one trillion hours playing games and 25 billion hours watching gaming streams. On average, players 18 to 34-years-old spent more time playing games than on social media or watching TV. According to Newzoo, the leading global provider of games and esports analytics, the number of gamers in the world will hit 3 billion by 2023 – more than half of which will come from Asia-Pacific.

    According to AdColony, despite the time on games dwarfing that of TV four-fold, advertisers spent 40 times less on gaming media. This difference provides a prime chance for marketers to out-edge competitors and reach a massive, fresh audience.

    “With gaming now the biggest entertainment channel for Asia-Pacific consumers, it’s the number one opportunity for brands going into 2021,” said Tom Simpson, SVP, APAC at AdColony. “We believe AdColony’s extensive experience in the mobile gaming vertical, combined with Mana’s transformative capabilities around gaming and esports partnerships, will open up a myriad of opportunities for advertisers to engage with customers and grow their business.”

    “This partnership between Mana and AdColony will see Mana augmenting AdColony’s strategic capabilities, to offer brands a connection with Esports fans,” added Jamie Lewin, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Mana Partners.


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