Actress Taehee Kim Named Brand Ambassador for AdAsia 2023 Seoul

The organizing committee of AdAsia 2023 Seoul, General Chair Nack Hoi Kim, has announced the appointment of actress Taehee Kim as the brand ambassador for AdAsia 2023 Seoul. The appointment ceremony took place at a studio located in Gangnam on the 12th.

The appointment ceremony was held at a virtual space located in Gangnam, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, aligning with the event’s purpose of redefining the definition of advertising in the era of digital transformation and to sharing K-insights. Nack Hoi Kim, the General Chair and Ben Heo, the Secretary General of the Organizing Committee and brand ambassador Taehee Kim, attended the event where General Chair Nack Hoi Kim presented the appointment brand ambassador plaque.

Taehee Kim, who has been appointed as the brand ambassador, made her debut as an advertisement model in 2000. Since then, she has appeared in over 100 advertisements across Asia, earning her the title of “CF Queen.” In 2007, she played an active role as the brand ambassador for the 25th Asian Advertising Congress, ‘AdAsia 2007 JEJU’. She was not only loved by the advertisement industry, but also in various TV shows such as “Iris,” “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Love Story in Harvard.” Currently, she is gaining popularity for her thrilling performance in the ENA drama series “Lies Hidden in My Garden.”


Taehee Kim expressed her honor at being appointed as the brand ambassador for AdAsia 2023 Seoul, saying, “After 16 years, I am once again given the opportunity to serve as the promotional ambassador for AdAsia. I will work hard to promote the AdAsia 2023 Seoul event to many people and spread awareness of the status of advertising, communication, and K-content to the world.”

The General Chair of the organizing committee, Nack Hoi Kim stated, “Taehee Kim, who brings joy to the people with her diverse content such as advertisements, dramas, and movies, is expected to promote the significance of AdAsia 2023 Seoul and the value of advertising and communication to many people.”

AdAsia 2023 Seoul will take place from October 24 to 27 for four days at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul. With 64 years of tradition behind it, AdAsia is Asia’s largest conference on advertising, digital content, media, creative content, and marketing. This year marks the third time AdAsia to be held in Korea. The theme of the event is ‘Transform, Play, and Connect’ which serves to highlight the new reality that advertising in the digital era is not about how to ‘sell’ but how to make consumers ‘enjoy’, thus connecting the world together.

In June, AdAsia 2023 Seoul Organizing committee announced the appointment of Tiktoker Ox_zung (Won Jeong Seo) as an ambassador of AdAsia 2023 Seoul.



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