Actor Pharma Brings Back the Fart Joke to Relaunch Prunelax

    By Harold Henry - Sep 7, 2021
    Actor Pharma Brings Back the Fart Joke to Relaunch Prunelax

    Actor Pharma has relaunched laxative brand, Prunelax, with a gassy new campaign. The brand has rolled out the first two spots in partnership with director Armand de Saint-Salvy, Vandal, and Helium Film.

    A family crying at their grandmother’s funeral…not funny. A family crying at their grandmother’s funeral only to be stunned when she farts herself back to life due to incredible constipation…funny every time.

    The spots aim to drive awareness by cutting through the sanitized health category in a major pivot from traditional pharmaceutical advertising.


    “Taking a brief asking for a campaign that will ‘ruffle some feathers’ is always accepted with cautious optimism,” said ECD Craig Bailey.

    “In this case: brave client? Tick. Audacious strategy? Tick. Our mandate to create a campaign communicating that you don’t know true relief, until you’ve tried Prunelax, willfully manifested into this unapologetically amusing work.

    Bailey said while these were the first of five spots, the same irreverent, humorous approach would be built upon in future executions, “to further reinforce that Prunelax is the custodian of true relief.”


    “We’re living in a strange time with a lot of noise in the media; so it was imperative to find the right agency to help us cleave through it all – Five by Five just got ‘us’ and what we wanted to achieve,” said Florian Struengmann, Actor Pharma. “We are very excited to launch the Relief campaign, to help us build awareness of Prunelax as the preferred natural laxative brand.”



    Client: Actor Pharma
    Managing Director: Florian Struengmann
    Marketing Manager: Donna Jacobson

    Creative Agency: Five by Five Global
    Strategy Director: Matt Lawton
    Executive Creative Director: Craig Bailey
    Creative: Craig Bailey
    Creative: Nick Donovan
    Client Director: Marc Grantham
    Production Manager: Amar Narula
    Account Manager: Lois Vega
    Account Executive: Rukiya Ahad

    Production Company: helium.film
    Director: Armand de Saint-Salvy
    DOP: Jordan Maddocks
    Executive Producer: Brenden Johnson
    Producer: Benjamin O’Donnell
    Casting: Fountainhead Casting

    Post Production: Vandal
    Editor: Armand de Saint-Salvy
    Grading: Marcus Timpson
    Flame: Phil Stuart Jones
    Sound Design: Nigel Crowley
    Music composition: Subvert.tv

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