Accenture helps Pixie Dust Technologies, Shionogi and Shionogi Healthcare Boost Everyday Cognitive Care

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc., Shionogi & Co., Ltd, and Shionogi Healthcare Co., Ltd today released “Memory” and “Tomorrow”, two audio experiences incorporating gamma wave technology designed to provide dementia patients with an additional tool that they can use to care for their cognitive function this Alzheimer’s Day.

Created by Droga5 Tokyo, part of Accenture Song, “Memory” and “Tomorrow” use Japanese-patented gamma wave modulation technology[1] jointly developed by Pixie Dust Technologies and Shionogi & Co., Ltd and feature sounds that are amplitude-modulated (AM) at a frequency in the gamma range (40Hz).

The audio experiences are artfully composed to overcome a rough and dissonant beat frequency associated with sounds produced in the 40Hz range and deliver seamless and soothing rhythms suitable for everyday listening. Layers of meticulously crafted instrumentation also harmoniously blend in with beats that convey positivity and relaxation, offering listeners an enjoyable audio experience.


It is estimated that every 3 seconds, someone develops dementia – a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. By 2050, more than 150 million people globally will live with dementia. Patients can preserve their quality of life and enhance overall wellness by engaging in activities that stimulate the brain.

Studies demonstrate that repeated exposure to 40Hz gamma waves can promote brain function by reducing white matter atrophy and myelin loss, which contribute to Alzheimer’s disease progression. Data validated by Pixie Dust Technologies Inc. and Shionogi & Co., Ltd confirmed that gamma wave power and its entrainment significantly increased when listening to amplitude-modulated 40Hz sounds, suggesting that such sounds can be clinically applied to dementia prevention as a non-invasive method.

Taiichiro Murakami, Representative Director and COO of Pixie Dust Technologies, said: “We want to help people benefit from cutting-edge technologies. Music is a universal language. Integrating gamma wave sound technology allows us to help people, especially dementia patients, extend the care of their cognitive functions as they go about their daily activities. Working with Droga5 Tokyo, part of Accenture Song, and our partner companies, we aim to transform every place where sound can be heard into a place where cognitive function can be cared for, including providing alternative interventions for dementia patients.”


Masaya Asai, chief creative officer of Droga5 Tokyo, part of Accenture Song, said: “Musicality is integral to the audio experience. We looked to identify fitting instruments and worked closely with writers and music producers to ensure that the amplitude-modulated music at 40Hz is pleasing and interesting. This project alchemizes creativity and technology into a socially impactful outcome and is close to heart with the family of one of our team members affected by dementia. Combining technology, empathetic creativity and research data allowed us to produce a beautiful and breakthrough experience that can be helpful to humanity and augment cognitive stimulation therapies with an additional, enjoyable tool.”

The Dementia Care Project by Gamma Wave Sound is an initiative that brings innovation to cognitive function through auditory stimulation. Turning gamma waves technology into a readily available audio experience presents new possibilities in providing cognitive stimulation for dementia.

The soundtracks are available for download on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music podcast and Internet radio station Radicro.


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