Absolut Campaign in India Takes Direct Aim at Bias and its ‘Isms’

    By The Staff - Sep 28, 2020
    Absolut Campaign in India Takes Direct Aim at Bias and its ‘Isms’

    With an aim to address the biases that exist in the world and in continuation of the brand’s Born Colourless campaign, Absolut has launched a new digital film ‘ISMs’ encouraging people to express themselves freely.

    The campaign film was developed by Lowe Lintas, and is meant to continue the effort for a colorless world. Through the film, the brand aims to challenge stereotypes, tackle biases, and create a world with equal opportunities for all. was launched through a Manifesto on World Anti-Racism Day (March 21) last year and highlights the “deeply colored opinions that exist in the world and leaves viewers with the message that for the world to become a happy and colorful place, it must first become Colourless,” said the brand.

    ‘ISMs’ highlights the stereotypes that are deeply entrenched in our society to ultimately create a better world, said the brand in a release. It is emblazoned with biased terms around the LGBTQIA+ community, Race, Ethnicity, Caste, Gender, Body Positivity, and more, covering both current local and global issues. It portrays strong individuals from different walks of life. These inspiring individuals have stood up against social injustice with a commitment to unifying and promoting change within our community.

    Although the film ‘ISMS’ portrays a spectrum of colored opinions from around the world, it ultimately brings home the message that the world needs to be viewed through the universal colorless prism of equality and social justice.


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