AB InBev Takes the Responsible Route in Brazilian Campaign

    By The Staff - May 25, 2021
    AB InBev Takes the Responsible Route in Brazilian Campaign

    The Brazilian arm of Anheuser-Busch InBev has launched a new campaign in collaboration with creative agency Africa to raise awareness of the danger associated with drunk driving.

    The nation sees thousands of drunk driving deaths a year and in turn has witnessed a number of campaigns highlighting the risks. However, while these campaigns have done well in certain cities, they generally lack in getting the message to less urban areas.

    So, AB InBev came up with a campaign that would travel miles and miles, literally. The company transformed their distribution fleet so that the shipping container remained branded to the alcohol it was moving yet the cab where the driver sits took on the brand name of one of the group’s non-alcoholic drinks.

    Pepsi teamed up with Budweiser, Lipton with Stella Artois, Corona with Gatorade. The message was simple. Where there’s a driver, there’s no alcohol.

    “Responsible Billboards is in line with Ambev’s long-term commitment to promote responsible consumption. Our initiatives range from awareness campaigns to in-depth solutions to try to mitigate impacts,” said says Alexandre Costa, Marketing Director at AMBEV.

    “We do this through campaigns, but also projects like “Consumption X-Ray,” a screening questionnaire that reveals someone’s consumption profile, and the “Road Safety” project, which works together with public, private and civil society sectors for the reduction of risks related to road safety.”


    Title: Responsible Billboards
    Agency: Africa
    Client: AB InBev/Ambev
    Product: Institutional
    CCO: Sergio Gordilho
    Copywriter: Pedro Bullos
    Art Director: Erico Braga
    Designer: Yllo Pedra
    Special Projects Director: Monique Lopes Lima
    Special Projects Managers: Juliana Leite, Fernanda Segura, Fernando Alonso
    Special Projects Producers: Isabela Levy, Julia Newman
    Client Services: Heloisa Pupim, Rafael Marques, Victoria Jaffe, Karen Pardo
    Strategy: Aldo Pini, Douglas Godoy, Tiago Tuiuiu
    Agency Producers: Rodrigo Ferrari, Tais Olhiara, Juarez lima
    Production Company: Corazon Filmes
    Director: Pedro de La Fuente
    Executive Producers: Igor Ferreira, Renato Chabuh, Joao Luz
    D.O.P.: Alex Vecchi
    Film Art Direction: Ana Carolina Montagnana
    Production Coordinator: Juliana Sigolo
    Post-production Coordinator: Rodrigo Parente
    Post-production: Warriors VFX
    Editing: Mariana Becker
    Color Grading: Acauan Pastore
    Sound Design: LOUD
    Sound Production: LOUD Team
    Musical Director: Gustavo Garbato

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