A Poetic Rendition for Ncell’s Possible Cha Sabai Campaign

Aligned with their brand philosophy of liberation and focus on digitalization to empower their customers, #PossibleChaSabai, a campaign by Ncell reminds everyone that it is absolutely possible to attend the highest level of success with digitalization.

The film represents the progressive Nepali who does not shy away from any challenges that come their way and are determined to learn and explore further.

The film narrates a poem that motivates all of us to create our own destiny by underpinning a thought, “Don’t wait for luck. You create your own luck”.


As we all transit in the post-pandemic world, Nepali people are rapidly adapting to digitalization with new possibilities in commencing education, work, connections, and global exposure.

ADA/Sun/Outreach Nepal conceptualized the campaign produced by G21 Production.